Friday Favs: 7.24

by Andrea Cooley

peach blueberry slab pie

Man, it feels good to have the first 4 days of potty training under my belt. Overall it’s going really well, but it’s exhausting! I joked with Adam I don’t think I’ve ever spent so many hours (yes, hours) in the bathroom before. But Emerson is a trooper and such a big boy!

Some weeks I don’t feel like I find much worth sharing, but this week I kept seeing things that I was excited to post here! I hope you find them as encouraging and inspiring as I did!

  • Last weekend I made this peach blueberry slab pie. Of course it didn’t look like the picture in Better Homes and Gardens, but it sure was delicious! And super easy to make!
  • You have to make lots of sacrifices when you’re raising kids, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Read how parenting makes us more Christlike (Storyline Blog)
  • I’m loving the latest Paint My Prayers collection from Naptime Diaries!
  • Are you familiar with the phrase “fast fashion”? This is a great guide to ethical shopping. (Thoughts by Natalie)
  • This beautiful adult coloring book makes me want to grab some colored pencils and spend a quiet hour coloring.
  • Marriage changes after you have kids, but it’s so important to still make your marriage a priority after having kids. (Mommy’s Me Time)
  • Don’t miss this Noonday jewelry sale. I have my eye on this, this, or this. I can’t wait to see the Fall Collection! I hosted a trunk show last year and might have to have one again this year!

I’m linking up with Christa over at Brown Sugar Toast and Susanna at Revolutionary Life. Be sure to check out their Friday Favorites.

Friday Favs: 7.17

by Andrea Cooley


It’s definitely feeling like summer around here! Most days I take the boys for a walk before Foster’s nap, but there have been a few days this week where the heat index was over 90 before 8 am so we opted to stay inside and build forts instead.

Here are some of my favorite finds from this week:

Target never fails to disappoint when it comes to affordable style for the home. It kind of makes me wish I were going to college or registering for my wedding again! (Style by Emily Henderson)

I usually turn my nose up at fake flower arrangements, but this one has me itching to go to Michael’s and make my own! Has anyone used “quick water” before? (The Lettered Cottage)

Pallet projects are a dime a dozen on Pinterest, but I really love Katie’s arrow! (Bower Power)

Young House Love’s new book, Lovable Livable Home comes out in September, who’s preordering it?

I’m crushing on these simple gold earrings.

We’re going to start potty training on Monday. I’m reading this book and stocking up on lots of treats for Emerson and me! Wish us luck!

My natural inclination is to offer people advice, but sometimes that’s not what they need. I love Emily’s thoughts on learning to listen well. (in courage)

I’m linking up with Christa over at Brown Sugar Toast and Susanna at Revolutionary Life. Be sure to check out their Friday Favorites.

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