Painted hallway

1 hallway, 5 doors

by Andrea Cooley

I have wanted to paint the hallway since we painted the living room and dining room this fall. It was a dingy yellow that didn’t go well with our new palette. The only drawback, was the fact that there are FIVE doorways in the little space (2 bedroom doors, bathroom, hall closet, and the door to dining room)! And don’t forget the doorbell box, smoke alarm, and little phone nook. Talk about a taping project! I think it took me longer to tape it all off than to paint it. But now it’s done and I love it!

I think I’m on a painting roll. I have an itch to paint both our bathrooms. I don’t think I’ll be able to convince Adam to help me, but I think I can bribe a girlfriend if I promise wine and chocolate!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I somehow convinced my husband to paint the bathroom all by himself while I was out of town. I’m not sure how I did it!

  2. Wine and chocolate? I can be there in 2 hours :) Love the new color Andrea!!

  3. I’m definitely bribe-able….. :-)

  4. You could bribe me with wine and chocolate. Painting is kind of addicting, much more fun when you aren’t painting by yourself! :)

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