$110 bath makeover

$110 bath makeover

by Andrea Cooley

It’s amazing what $100 (give or take few dollars) can do to a bathroom! We weren’t in the market for a big bath remodel, but our downstairs bath needed a little love.

$110 bath makeover

I love the yellow tile and the pedestal sink, but the white walls and white ceiling needed some help! Here’s what we did:

paint: $27 (Valspar Urban Sunrise)
shower curtain: $15 (TJMaxx)
bath mat: $29 (West Elm)
shower head: $39 (Lowe’s)

TOTAL: $110
$110 bath makeover
Not bad, right?

Adam pretty much let me do what I wanted in the bathroom. His big contribution was putting in the new shower head. I honestly don’t think he thought we needed to do anything else to the room. Good thing he trusts me! After I’d finished painting, but before I took the painter’s tape down, he was looking at the new color and wasn’t so sure about it. I asked him what the problem was and he said he thought there were too many colors in the room. Black, white, yellow, and now gray. I assured him that yellow and gray look great together! Once the tape was down and the shower curtain was back up he agreed that the colors looked good. But I had to laugh that he was uncertain about the color scheme! Silly boy!

$110 bath makeover

I can’t say the room is finished though. My next project is to print pictures from our trip to Italy and hang them. It never ends, right?

$110 bath makeoverDon’t you love the tight zigzag pattern of the rug? I could just eat it up!

Now I have the itch to paint our other bathroom, or maybe one of the downstairs bedrooms…What have you painted lately?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I re-painted our office to a grey with yellow accents too! This summer, my back definitely got a workout. Here are a few before and afters: http://pitchperfectpicture.blogspot.com/2011/09/resting-from-our-labor.html

  2. How lovely. Your vintage tile is in amazing condition. I will take one please:)

  3. This is wonderful!!!  We are about to be renting an older home with yellow tile.  I freaked out at first, but started searching the net and love all I have seen with grey and yellow. 
    Your makeover looks great!!!  Would you mind me asking where you bought the shower curtain?

    • Good luck with your yellow tile! I wish I could give you a link for the shower curtain, but I found it at TJMaxx/HomeGoods. I think West Elm has some nice grey and yellow shower curtains. 

  4. jenniferirene@facebo November 6, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Help! My new apartment had exactly the same tile and colors so I tried painting the walls but the color you posted turned out more like your before picture than the after picture. Do I need more than 2 coats? Is it the wrong color name? 
    Thank you for your help!

    • Definitely give it another coat. The color is Valspar 4004-1B Urban Sunrise. Were you painting over white? If you’re painting over a color you might even need a third coat, but 2 coats over white were what worked for me. Good luck!

      • Thank you for replying! We went with 3 coats since it was over a beige color. On our third coat we added extra black to the paint, the guy mixing it reminded me lights and widows will change the color. Now our old 1940's in desperate need of updating looks fantastic! Thank you for posting this! 

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