What I didn’t buy at Ikea

by laura.johnson

It should go without saying that taking a trip to a beautiful yet obtainable store like Ikea takes a lot of will power. You must pass by the beautiful dining tables, cozy living rooms, and kitchens that make your heart go a flutter. And try as you might, you must remain on a mission for x, y and z before you find yourself curled up on the Ektorp sofa, dreaming of your new living room. It’s a dangerous place.

These are a few of the pretty things that made it into my heart yet not my shopping basket.

Hello beautiful. The Torna lamp collection is absolutely stunning, and I absolutely have no place to put it. Maybe you should buy it and invite me over to take in its sleek lines.

What girly fun! These perfume bottles are much more appealing than their name lets on, Yngaren, it sounds like a sneeze or some other noise your sinuses make. They are far too girly for my house; I can’t imagine them standing beside our Batman action figures. Ahh, but a girl can dream.

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  1. Whew! I guess we can have as many decorative perfume bottles as dead animal heads hanging on the walls….

  2. I suppose I am due for a few decorative perfume bottles…
    I am going to IKEA next Monday….looking forward to it!

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