2 shower curtains later

by Andrea Cooley

There are two bathrooms in our house, both with showers, and for the last 14 months, they have been naked. I mean they have had basic vinyl shower curtains, but nothing pretty. Obviously fabric curtains aren’t a necessity, but I decided it was time to dress up our showers.

Here’s a little before and after for you:
The bathroom in our attic bedroom needs some love. When people see the soaking tub their immediate response is, wow! That would be so great. In reality, it’s not so great. How often do we actually soak, versus how often do we shower? We’ve probably only “soaked” in it a hand full of times in the last year. But we shower every day. And let me tell you. If I hate cleaning a regular shower, I double hate cleaning a soaking tub shower!

Rant aside, because it’s a soaking tub, complete with a step up into it, a regular length shower curtain wouldn’t work. Months ago I bought a shower curtain, but knew I was going to have to hem it if I wanted to hang it. This weekend my friend Heidi brought her sewing machine over and hem we did!

Doesn’t it make a HUGE difference? My next project is painting, and in my dream world we would rip out the linoleum and put in pretty black and white hex tiles and maybe even trade the soaking tub for a glass shower. I think I’m going to be dreaming for a while…

I don’t have a before picture of the downstairs bathroom, but you can probably imagine it. I found this shower curtain at TJ Maxx for $15 and was sold! (I’m imagining Laura oohing and ahhing over this as I type) I’ve picked a nice, soft gray to paint the walls. Won’t it look fabulous with the yellow tile?

Adam could probably care less about fabric shower curtains, but he is good at complimenting my work. What more can a girl ask for?

Slowly but surely, right? I don’t think you’re ever completely done with a house are you!

What are your latest and greatest projects?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Current project? We inherited vintage metallic chairs and kitchen table upon marriage and the chairs had this ugly 70s pattern on it. I hurriedly made chair covers with a girlfriend, but we accidentally left them outside in the rain last summer. We found a set of 6 chairs at Craig’s List that are light wood and black to replace. I don’t like black, so we’re in the middle of painting them white. I LOVE Behr’s paint and primer in one, let me tell ya!

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