28 weeks and counting

by Andrea Cooley

I haven't blogged about being pregnant much, mostly because we don't want the blog to become a mommy blog just because we have babies. That doesn't mean we'll ignore the fact that we are (or are soon to be) moms as well as wives, but we figure there are so many fantastic mommy blogs out there (right now I'm loving Hello Bee and SortaCrunchy).

The baby room is still coming along. One coat of paint is up and the goal is to finish painting this weekend. Then Adam can start putting the furniture together and it will really feel like a room!

This week starts the third trimester. It's crazy to think that in less than 3 months we'll be holding our baby boy! I'll be honest though, 12 weeks still feels like a long time. Everyone says it will go fast, and I have a LONG list of things to get done between now and then, but I'm not known for being the most patient person!

Overall, the pregnancy is going really well. Aside from some discomfort and restless nights, I really can't complain. My feet aren't swelling (yet) and I can still see my toes.

I love feeling the baby move (so far he's not kicking my ribs or back). I've always known I have a long waist, but usually it just means my t-shirts aren't as long as I like. Now it's coming in handy, giving baby plenty of room to move around!

I'm still getting used the having everyone ask how I'm doing. I'd much rather have the attention on someone else, but it's hard to miss a pregnant lady! I haven't had strangers come up and want to touch my belly yet! I'm not looking forward to that. I joke with Adam that I try to put off a "don't touch me vibe"!

Last week coworkers through a shower for me and a few other pregnant ladies. It's so fun to get gifts for the baby! We've registered at Target and Buy Buy Baby. It's crazy to think about all the things you need for a baby! I look around our house and try to imagine what it will be like in 6 months when it's full of baby stuff, I don't know if I'm ready for that! I'm hoping to have lots of baskets and bins to keep things organized.

When Adam and I were at the beach last weekend, we loved watching the little kids (especially the boys) playing in the sand and splashing in the water. We can't wait to do those things with our little guy! We started writing a list (I love a good list!) of all the things we're excited to do with our baby. Some things we'll do in the first moments of meeting him, like kissing his cheeks and counting his fingers and toes, but some things won't happen right away, like going on bike rides, celebrating birthdays, and taking trips.

I didn't realize how much I enjoy shopping for clothes until I haven't been able to fit into anything! I'm at the point where I really don't want to buy anymore maternity clothes and I don't think I should buy regular clothes since I'm not sure what size I'll be when this is all said and done. Instead I've been buying lots of accessories (hello necklaces and earrings!). Those fit no matter what!

We started our natural birthing class about a month ago and it's been great. It's fun to meet other couples who are going through the same thing we are and just to learn more about the miracle of pregnancy and birth. I don't know how you can be part of making a baby and not believe in God! 

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Andrea Cooley

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