Holiday book page ornament

3 Holiday Book Projects

by Andrea Cooley

Holiday book projects

Old books are one of my favorite crafting materials! Maybe it’s because I love to read or maybe I just love how the projects feel vintage. I have a stash of old Reader’s Digest books that I scored at a library book sale for 25 cents each. I used them to make my book page wreath and these 3 easy holiday projects.

You need a whole book to make the ribbon candy and the tree. The first thing you do is cut the covers off and pull the pages out, leaving the binding attached. Then all you need is a hot glue gun.

Holiday book projectsI counted 20 pages for each section and folded them toward the center of the book.

Holiday book projectsHot glue the edge of each section and work your way through the whole book. If you have a few extra pages at the end just make one of the sections a little bigger.

Holiday book projectsWhen you’re finished, admire your handiwork! I think I made this from start to finish during an episode of New Girl, so it doesn’t take long!

Holiday book projectsI love how the gold edges of the pages shimmer. Doesn’t it kind of look like a larger-than-life piece of ribbon candy?

The tree takes a little longer (probably an episode of Downton Abby–yes, I do most of my crafting projects while I watch TV. What can I say, I like to multitask!). Start with a book with the covers removed. Holiday book projectsThen fold each page twice toward the spine, working your way through the whole book. When you finish, trim the bottom of the pages so they are even.

Holiday book projectsI set the tree on a little stump we cut from the bottom of our Christmas tree! (sorry for the grainy Instagram photo from last year)

Holiday book page ornamentYou only need a few book pages and a glue stick to make these little ornaments. I have a 2-inch hole punch, but you can just cut out circles too. I actually made these during one of Emerson’s 20 minute cat naps!

Fold the circles in half and glue together. I usually use 6 circles to make an ornament, but you can experiment with how many you like. I didn’t put twine in the middle of all of them so I could scatter some on the mantel. I kind of like how they sit at different angles.

Holiday book page ornamentSo simple, but so pretty!

Holiday book page ornamentWe got a 50mm lens for our camera (a Nikon D3100). We’re still learning how to use it, but so far I really like it!

The ornaments are the only project I’ve worked on this year, but I’m pretty proud of myself for finding time to do anything crafty! I guess that’s a perk to maternity leave (besides cuddling and playing with a sweet, sweet baby!). Stolen time for projects and being home to take photos when there’s daylight!

What holiday projects are you working on?

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