31 Days of Capturing the Spark

by Andrea Cooley

We’re excited (and let’s be honest, a little nervous) to be a part of 31 Days of Change. During this month we’ll be sharing about our marriages, about decorating with a boy, and encouraging our husbands to be Godly leaders and role models. By no means do we have this figured out! Between the two of us we have a total of 8 years of marriage and know there are many women who are more qualified than us to write about this, so bare with us!

Here’s a quick preview of what we’ve got planned:

  • A look at 5 marriages in the Bible
  • Words of wisdom from other women about what makes their marriage work
  • Ideas for easy date nights
  • How to buy a sofa without driving your husband crazy
  • Lessons we’ve learned from doing projects around the house with our hubbies

Throughout this month, our goal is to encourage you (and us!) to love our husbands well and celebrate the blessing of marriage as the gift that it is. Let’s get started!

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For those of you who are new to EverAfter Blueprint the full 31 day series is/will be linked below and be sure to check out some of our favorite posts in the About page.

Full Series 31 Days of Capturing the Spark:

Day 2 Becoming One: Andrea & Adam

Day 3 Multi Lingual: Words of Affirmation

Day 4 Love is…

Day 5 DateNight: Picnic in the Park

Day 6 Opposites Attract 

Day 7 5 ways to love your husband

 Day 8 The Couple That Prays Together…

Day 9 Becoming One: Emily & Matt

Day 10 MultiLingual: Quality Time

Day 11 Fair Fight

Day 12 DateNight: Take a Walk

Day 13 Working Together

Day 14 10 Marriage books to add your library list

Day 15 Investing in your relationship

Day 16 Becoming One: Laura & Cody

Day 17  MultiLingual: Receiving Gifts

Day 18 Serving Together

Day 19 DateNight: Drive in Movie

Want more?  Be sure to drop by and check out our little love stories here and here.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I am definitely going to be following your posts. All of the things you listed, I am looking to improve upon in my marriage. (i.e. the decorating with a boy, and the encouraging to be the spiritual leader).

  2. excited to read this month!! :)

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