{31 Days Capturing the Spark Day 5} DateNight: Picnic in the Park

by laura.johnson

A wise young woman told me, ‘make sure to have a regular date night with your husband, to help keep the flame you feel for each other now a burning’. Of course I ignored the advice, sure our love would never fade.  Ha.  While we aren’t great at doing anything with great regularity, I do try to plan something a little special for us each month.  Over the remainder of the month, we’ll share a few of our favorite dates.

{image: UP}

It’s one of my fond memories from when we were dating. We walked to a nearby park, spread out a blanket and talked for hours.  My antsy husband-to-be eventually talked me into having a contest to see who could roll down the hill the fastest—I won!  On occasion we’ll still take a blanket out, hold hands, lay in the sun, and rekindle those flighty feelings of early romance.

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  1. Once you have 4 kids, things change and your idea of a “date” looks very different. We’ve been known to feed the kids early, pop in a cartoon, then enjoy a quiet and relaxing dinner with the two of us. We don’t have to cut anyone’s meat, clean up spilled milk, bribe anyone with dessert… and once in a while I’ll even light romantic candles for the two of us. Ahhh. : )

  2. our date night last night was forcing all of the kids to go to their rooms for 40min. while their dad and I talked. It was very helpful. We were both good listeners.

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