{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 12} DateNight: Take a Walk

by Andrea Cooley

Going for walks is one of my favorite things that Adam and I do together. When the weather’s nice we walk most nights after work. Even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes, it’s our time to talk about our days, hold hands, and enjoy our neighborhood (which Forbes just named one of the prettiest neighborhoods in America!)

I don’t necessarily consider our daily walks to be dates, but sometimes we take special walks, that definitely rank in the “date” category. Just this weekend we were having dinner at a restaurant in our old neighborhood. It was a beautiful night and Adam said, “I have a great idea! Let’s walk our old neighborhood route!” This might not sound romantic to anyone else, but it was music to my ears. I love our new neighborhood, but whenever we drive through our old neighborhood, I talk about how I miss it. So after dinner we walked past our old condo and made our way past our favorite old houses, reminiscing about the walks we used to take.

Here are a few tips to make a walk “date worthy”

  • Leave your cell phone at home. If you’re worried about missing a call or an email, you can’t enjoy the time with your hubby
  • Hold hands! It sounds silly, but when Adam reaches for my hand, I feel cherished!
  • It’s OK to talk about your days, but try to go deeper in your conversation. Talk about the sermon at church, ask about their friends, share something you’re praying for. It sounds silly, but sometimes life gets so busy you lose track of how your spouse is doing!
  • Walk through a neighborhood you dream of living in. Pick your favorite house and imagine what it would be like to call it home.

I love Laura’s idea of going on a picnic for a date and here are more easy date ideas.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. This is a wonderful way to keep the spark going. Reminds me of the dating years where you couldn’t help but hold hands. Thank you for this! We need to take more walks together.

  2. i couldn’t agree more! the other night, after we’d had company all afternoon, my husband suggested we leave the dishes and take a quick walk before it got too dark – it was a wonderful way to connect with each other, enjoy some fresh air and get out of the house!

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