{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 14} 10 Marriage books to add your library list

by laura.johnson

Some of us are analytical thinkers, forever on the quest for knowledge, interested in the latest study, and the newest trends in academia. Of course this zeal for information inserted into into our marriages. Continually on the search for answers to better communication, feeling more loved, and there are some phenomenal books out there that help guide couples through rough waters.  However, it must be said that without Christ, it’s a labor in vain.

I was looking through the list of books and authors that have influenced our marriage and I definitely felt the need to call in some reinforcements.  Over the last 13 or so odd days I’ve been enjoying their knowledge and bravery as they discuss building a Christ-centered marriage and encouraging women to enjoy the sexual relationship with their husband, as God intended.  So with our further ado:

Heather from Raining Silence, usually doesn’t write about sex, yet this month she’s facing the topic straight on, and oh my has it been a good read!  If you get a chance, catch up on her 31 Days of Love Making Series, it’s full of wonderful encouragement and truth, which is why I begged her to let us in on her 5 Favorite Marriage Books.

  • Sex and the Supremacy of Christ: by John Piper and Justin Taylor.  Best book on intimacy within marriage that I have ever read!  You can actually download it for free here.
  • Sacred Marriage: by Gary Thomas is one that my husband and I read together that we both really loved.
  • The Four Seasons of Marriage: Gary Chapman was one we enjoyed together also.

My FAVORITE books for wives

Christa from Brown Sugar Toast is just that, truth and goodness topped off in her usual sweet way.  This month she’s had great insights from women (and men) that have more than just a few years of marriage under their belt. It’s been wonderful to be refreshed with the wisdom that comes after 50 years of marital musings.  Here’s the list of books the Christa recommends.
Any new books on your reading list?  I know there are a few I want to revisit!
Want to read more about rekindling the flame, and remembering the way we felt when we said ‘I do’? Check out the full 31 Day series here and we invite you to read our own little love stories here or here!
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  1. “What’s it Like to Be Married to Me?” by Linda Dillow is my current read…

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