{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 19} DateNight: Drive in Movie

by laura.johnson

This is an idea I shared with you last November, but it’s one of my favorite dates so I thought is was worth a re-visit.

There is something romantic about drive-in movie theaters, and while there are plenty of hi-tech ways to recreate this old-time joy involving a projector and screen on the side of your garage, we discovered a way to enjoy movies–and TV shows–from the back of our minivan. Our secret? A laptop and a minivan!

When Cody and I first started dating this was one of our favorite dates. We’d grab a laptop and some take-out food and drive as far away from the city lights as we could. Then we’d hop in the far backseat of his minivan and recreate the drive-in experience.

So grab your sweetheart and a fully charged laptop and enjoy a night out minus expensive tickets and stale popcorn.

{image: source}

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