{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 21} 5 marriages in the Bible

by Andrea Cooley

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about our marriages this month, so today we thought we’d turn the tables and look at some famous marriages from the Bible.

1. Abraham and Sarah
There is a lot I could say about this marriage, but I’m going to focus on the way Sarah trusted Abraham (and God). Their story starts with God telling Abraham to leave the city they were living in (Genesis 12). Today, couples move across the country and it’s not a huge deal. We can still stay in touch with our family with phone calls, email, and visits, but back then, they were leaving their family, their culture, their people, and going to an unknown land. But in faith, Abraham and Sarah trusted God and his promise of blessing, and headed to a new land. Sarah is a great example of a wife submitting to her husband.

2. Jacob and Rachel (and Leah)
Again, there are a lot of things I could say about with this marriage, but I’m going to focus on Jacob’s persistence and pursuit of Rachel. He went looking for a wife and when he saw Rachel, he knew she was the one for him (Genesis 29). He went on to work first 7 years in order to take her hand in marriage, only to be tricked by her father into marrying her older sister Leah first, so he worked an additional 7 years! I’m not saying their marriage was perfect, parts of it read like a modern-day soap opera! It’s a good example of what can happen when you’re not satisfied with what God has given you.

3. Boaz and Ruth
When the story starts Ruth is a widow (Ruth 1). And while this may have felt like the end for Ruth, it is only the beginning of the story. This is an awesome look at God’s faithfulness and perfect provision when we trust him. Imagine losing your husband, and then following your mother-in-law back to her homeland. What Ruth didn’t realize, was that in following her mother-in-law, God was leading her into the arms of Boaz, a Godly man, who would be her husband.

4. Esther and Ahasuerus
Esther won a beauty contest of sorts to become the wife of the king of the Persian empire (Esther 2). What the king didn’t realize what that she was a Jew. I think it’s safe to say that Esther didn’t know what she was getting into when she married, but again, she trusted God (are you noticing a theme here?) and was blessed because of it. She ends up petitioning the king to save her people. My favorite verse in this story is Esther 4:14 “You have come to royal position for such a time as this” If you haven’t read this story recently, check it out, it’s a good read!

5. Mary and Joseph
Here’s a great example of a husband (actually a fiance!) trusting his wife. I can’t even begin to imagine what Adam’s reaction would have been if when we were engaged I told him that an angel came to me and told me I was going to have a child. And not just any child, the Son of God! This is another awesome example of trusting God and not worrying about what other people think!

What’s your favorite example of marriage in the Bible?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. We did Beth Moore’s study on Esther this summer and WOW did it open my eyes to that marriage in a whole new way! Highly recommend it. :)

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