{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 24} Multi Lingual: Acts of Service

by laura.johnson

I wake up each morning to the smell of freshly brewing coffee, the aroma wafts into our bedroom enticing me to come greet the day. In my opinion this is be best way for a girl to wake each morning!  See, Cody, my morning-person husband, is usually up hours before me. He commonly will do a few dishes, get ready for the day, and brew me a fresh cup of joe before leaving for work.  On the rare occasions he wakes up late or is away for a few days I have to remind myself that even if there isn’t a cup of coffee waiting, my husband still loves me more than I can imagine.

Yes, we’ve all heard the old adage that actions speak louder than words, and apparently Dr. Chapman agrees citing ‘Acts of Service’ the fourth love language in his book The Five Love Languages. Andrea has talked some about the day-to-day list of duties us each to assume to keep our lives running smoothly.  It’s easy for those chores to become the expected minimum between spouses. Chapman encourages us to see even those actions as a testament of our love for one another.

So yes, next time you want your spouse to feel an extra measure of love, maybe skip the chocolates or flowers and try taking out the garbage, cooking them a nice meal, or even brewing them a nice cup of morning coffee. You might be surprised how much love a simple action can spark!

However, even when our spouse might forget about the recycling or wait a few extra days before raking the leaves, remember that we do not look to these lists of attributes to define us or our love for one another. We know that God has something much richer than that for us!  However, we look to these various forms of communicating love because our ability to love as Christ has loved should be our defining characteristic among us Christians.

My prayer for you is to recognize that while God has set apart the marriage relationship from all others, that only Christ promises a love that can fill us until our cup runneth over.

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