{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 29} It’s all about Grace

by laura.johnson

So the story goes a bride was getting ready on the day of their wedding. Before walking down the aisle a friend pulls her aside to give her a bit of advice that had worked wonders in her marriage. When you make vows to love and cherish one another till death do you part, also decide 10 things you also vow to always let go. They can be big or small, daily annoyances or relational hurdles, but chose this day that you will instantly forgive your soon to be spouse for those ten things. After all we all need a little grace, especially in marriage!

The wedding day was flawless, the years passed, families grew, and the couple celebrated many anniverseries together. When later asked how she made her list of 10, the bride confessed she didn’t. Over the years as her spouse came home late from work, forgot to bring in the trash, or backed into their neighbor’s car she would quietly note, ‘that’s one of the 10’. I can only imagine the grace that abounded throughout their years of marriage.

I heard this story years ago, from a book or a friend, I can’t remember, but the powerful message of the abundance of grace has stuck with me ever since. How much would our lives change with a little more grace added to our marriages?

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