{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 30} Becoming One: Jon & Lynette

by Andrea Cooley

Lynette is a dear friend from my days at Drake. She was the first Christian I met on campus. We were roommates, magazine majors, and friends. I think we probably talked about Jon the first weekend I met her, so it’s so fun to see their little family!

When did you get married?
December 30, 2005

How long did you date before getting married?
We dated about four years and most of it was long distance. I was in the Midwest, at home in Wisconsin and at school in Iowa. Jon was on the west coast, at home in California and at school in Oregon. After college in June 2005, we packed all my belongings in my little sedan and drove from Wisconsin to Portland, Oregon. It was the first time we lived in the same town. Two months later we were engaged. Four months after that we were married. Living apart for so long, I always felt like being with Jon was like being at home. It didn’t take long after living close to one another to figure out we were ready to be married!

What was one of your biggest challenges the first few months of marriage?
We got married six months after graduating from college. I was in grad school and Jon was working in construction, building custom homes though he had a degree in Bible and Theology. We were becoming adults at the same time we were figuring out marriage. I think that was the challenge, figuring how to be adults who work and pay bills and at the same time how to be a wife and husband.

What was something you wish you’d known before the wedding?
Oh, gosh. I’m not sure. I have such a bad memory, even if you would have told me something before I got married I would have forgotten it by now! And that’s fine. We are figuring marriage out together.

What have you learned since you’ve been married?
I don’t treat my husband nearly as well as I treat strangers and acquaintances. When I’m not feeling well he gets the full brunt of it. I’m learning to be gentle and patient in the way I communicate and react. Really just learning, I’m not close to mastering it.

What’s the best part about being married?
Laughter and friendship. Our friendship has sustained us through losing jobs, moving, waiting to have a baby, having a baby. We laugh together, and if we can laugh even when we are arguing it keeps us going. I feel like so much has changed for us since we got married, but our friendship has remained a constant encouragement.

How has your marriage changed since you’ve had a baby?
We have definitely become Team Sanchez. I can’t imagine having to take care of our little one by myself. And having gone through my pregnancy, 30-hour birth saga, and now raising this little one when every day seems different, we are closer. And we are tired. We kept being warned that our lives would end when our son was born, and it has certainly become more complex, but we are getting to experience this little life taking shape and making new discoveries. And we’re doing it together. We sit in the living room and watch him crawl around and babble little sentences and smile at us as drool cascades down his chin. That trumps being able to go out for movies or do whatever we want, whenever.

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