{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 31} Multi Lingual: Physical Touch

by laura.johnson

When asked, most men will answer without hesitation, their love language is clearly physical touch, it’s just how they are wired. While Dr. Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages will agree that physical touch is an important aspect of marriage and a valid way of expressing love to one another, he also highlights that many times we (especially gentlemen) assume that our passion for each other is a good indicator of the best way we communicate love, and really it isn’t. Chapman encourages us to look a deeper into those actions that come effortlessly. Holding hands, sitting next to one another on the sofa, cupping your hand in the small of her back, those are in true indicators of how your love flows freely from you.

But marriage isn’t just about you, you must first think of  your spouse. Which is why we wanted to cover the 5 Love Languages in our Capturing the Spark series, to better understand how your mate is currently loving you.  It does not matter whether it’s your love language of choice, or how they naturally show their affection to you, we should see and appreciate the way our spouse are putting us first.  After all that is was true love is.

My prayer for you is to recognize that while God has set apart the marriage relationship from all others, that only Christ promises a love that can fill us until our cup runneth over.

Please dive deep read about other love languages here:

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