{31 Days of Capturing the Spark Day 8} The Couple that Prays together…

by laura.johnson

I can’t bring myself to finish the saying, it is just too cheesy!  I give you full permission to roll your eyes, even groan a bit, but those of you women who’ve been at this marriage business the longest will testify, prayer is pow-er-ful.

For those who still want to be skeptical, try listening to an independent study from The National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, here is a quote from the Washington Journal featuring the study’s co-author W. Bradford Wilcox.

The strongest difference-maker for couples was spiritual activities such as praying or reading the Bible at home. “Praying together as a couple is something that is very intimate for people who are religious,” Wilcox said. “It adds another level of closeness to a relationship.”

Our grandmothers and bumper stickers have told us of the power of prayer for years, on top of that we now we have the statistical evidence to prove they were right, yet we still drag our feet and deny ourselves this profound intimacy with our husbands.  This week go beyond the dinner table prayer, hold each other tight and cry out to the Lord who knit you together as one.  Plead with Him for your friends whose hearts are broken, marriages that are in shambles, and need the healing power of the Lord.


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  1. Praying together is super important! Thanks for the reminder to make extra time for long prayer nights, and not just the quick prayers before bed.

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