by laura.johnson


Yesterday I turned 31, while I am not one to get overly sentimental about birthdays, in the moments between picking up toys and putting a baby to sleep it occurred to me, I love being in my 30's!

Don't get me wrong my 20's were pretty awesome. College, graduation, first jobs, moving half way across the country to chase a pipe dream, and then back again daring to find love.  Life was a constant thrill and I loved the roller coaster that it was.  But now with my husband by my side and my health happy girl in my arms I am in awe at the love that surrounds me. Then I look to the next year of my life I am excited to see the next blessings the await us!

Yes, as absolutely wonderful as this moment is, I believe the best is yet to come. Now, who would like to join me for some cake?


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