8 Year Anniversary and the gift of Bronze

by Andrea Cooley

It's been almost a month since Adam and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary, but I wanted to share what we did for a gift this year. I love that we follow the traditional anniversary gifts, but it gets harder each year to come up with something! Last year was copper (and the year before was iron), but as we were looking for gifts this year, it seemed like lots of the things that are bronze (like jewelry, containers, and figures) were similar to copper.

bronze giftWe decided we would give each other a joint gift of a garden bench. We cheated a little because the bench isn't actually made out of bronze, but it does have an antique bronze finish. Close enough!

bronze bench

Adam did a great job putting it together, even though the directions were terrible.


He had a cute supervisor!

bronze bench

Here it is! We cleared weeds and rocks from this area in the front of the house and put down mulch earlier in the summer. I have dreams of lush perennials that bloom through the seasons surrounding the bench. The few that I planted earlier in the summer were zapped by the heat, but hopefully they'll come back.

bronze bench

For now, it's a perfect perch for watching the neighbors and dogs walk by. And can you believe we have a 10 month old? Last year at this time we were putting the finishing touches on the nursery and counting down the weeks 'til the end of October. Now we can't imagine life without 5:30 wake up calls and a cheerio-filled backseat. Life is good!


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Andrea Cooley

  1. I love this!  What a special bench to represent this anniversary.  I just saw that a friend of mine and her husband also exchanged traditional wedding gifts.  I am completely jealous!  Is it too late to start at four years?  Maybe we will have to catch up on the last three as well!  A very fun tradition that I may have to start!

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