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laeditedWelcome! started in 2010 as a place to share design ideas and inspiration for young married couples. We love a good DIY project and can’t resist decorating and redecorating whatever space we’re in. We also wanted to talk about marriage and faith and encourage women to love their husbands (and their homes) whether they owned a house or lived in an apartment. We understand the challenges of living (and decorating) with boys and thought we could share our trials and adventures.

We met as roommates in college and have been friends ever since. Our first decorating adventure involved a college dorm room and an old green love seat. We’ve lived in different states, different time zones, and most recently the same neighborhood! Our conversations often include gushing over a pretty fabric or decorating steal we saw on our latest Target run or online.

We love decorating and design (just look at the numbers of catalogs, books, and magazines in my living room!) and we are learning every day how to be better wives and moms and women of faith. This blog is a place for to connect with and encourage other women. I want to encourage you to let your homes be an extension of your lives and also a reflection of your faith.

This is a faith-based, decorating and family blog. We love the Lord and we love our families and they will always be our first priority. That means skinned knees and sticky fingers take priority over posting. It also means we may post every day one week and then be silent for a week. But, if you hang around for any length of time you can expect to see lots of pretty pictures, hear quirky stories about our life, kids, and husbands, and of course learn about our latest decorating obsessions and budget finds.

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