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Adventures in Sewing

by Andrea Cooley

Adam got me a sewing machine for my birthday in March. Isn’t she a beauty? I call her Emmy (short for Emerald).

Of course I have all kinds of projects in my head that I want to tackle. Sure, I’ve read other bloggers lamenting about their love/hate relationshiop with their sewing machines, but I didn’t think that would ever be me. I took some sewing classes when I was growing up and felt pretty confident that I knew my way around a machine. I was wrong. If you could see the floor in front of my sewing table right now and all the little white threads lying around, you’d think I had a fight with the thread (and you’d be right). I’m still not sure who won!

I found this keychain project from The Idea Room on Pinterest and thought it would be an easy one to start with. The directions are great, and it really wasn’t that hard, but it definitely took me at least twice as long to finish it than it should.

lanyard key chainI started with some fat quarters, interfacing, ribbon, and hooks. I definitely need to invest in a cutting mat before I take on any larger projects! I’m not the most precise person to begin with, so I need all the guidance I can get! They’re just so expensive! I need to wait ’til there’s a 40% off coupon to JoAnn’s.

Once I had the pieces cut and ironed, it was time to start sewing. I stitched down the first side just fine, but then this happened on the second side: Lanyard keychainAfter pulling it out and trying again multiple times, I figured out that the needle wasn’t threaded correctly. It ended up being a simple fix, but it was still frustrating! Lanyard keychainWhen I got the machine, they told me I could bring it in for a free training on how to use it. Of course I didn’t think that would be necessary. I’m starting to reconsider…
Lanyard keychainDon’t look too closely at the end result. It’s far from perfect, but I think it’s a good first try! I’m hoping to make a few more to give as gifts. Who wants one?

It definitely makes it easier to find my keys!

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