Baby boy nursery inspiration

by Andrea Cooley

One of the best parts about being pregnant is getting to design the nursery! Of course we're most excited about meeting our little boy in a few short months, but while we wait, I'm spending lots of time dreaming up what his room will look like. I figure since I haven't really been shopping for clothes the last few months (I'm borrowing most of my maternity clothes, what a blessing!), I may as well shop for baby stuff! What can I say, I like to shop :)

This is the first inspiration board I've created on Polyvore. I can't wait to experiment with more. I thought it was just for creating outfits, but I learned you can "clip" things from any website, similar to Pinterest. Has anyone else created "sets" on Polyvore? I love how easy it is to import to WordPress and that all the links to the products are included!

Baby boy nursery

Not everything here is exactly what we have for the nursery. We found a white glider on Craigslist and I'm having the cushions covered in the chevron fabric. We also probably won't buy the green lamp, but I think it would look great in the room!

I also found this fun quiz at MyColortopia for choosing a paint palette for your baby room.

Now that we have things chosen, it's time to start putting it all together! The first step is painting.

I thought about painting horizontal stripes on one of the walls in the room, but then I came across this image from MyBigEyeKids on Pinterest.

I love the band of color around the top of the room. Adam and I debated painting the top white to make the room feel bigger and have blue on the bottom, but the more we thought about it, I think we'll do something really similar to this, grey on the bottom and blue on the top. What do you think?

I can't wait to get started! Adam's itching to put together the furniture we got at IKEA, but I told him he should wait 'til the room's painted, and that's my job. I'd love to get the paint this week, and start taping. I'll keep you posted!

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