Nursery Inspiration for Baby Boy Johnson

by laura.johnson
Wow it is amazing how quickly ideas can come together once you have a jumping off point!  After weeks of searching for the perfect world map I think I've finally landed on the watercolor beauty from Happy Place Art.  I adore everything it, the color pallet, the soft slightly muddy watercolor tones, and then price doesn't hurt either.  Sure I need to get it printed and mounted, which is no small task, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve for that as well.  
Baby Boy's Room
The big items we already have, the adorable Jenny Lind style crib and glider we are currently using with Lydia and we'll slowly transition those to baby boy's room eventually once she/he/we are ready for that big change but until then baby boy will start out in the pack 'n play that we used with Lydia until she was almost 18 months old. I guess nothing says second child like well used-hand-me downs.
Side note: seriously Mamas to be, INVEST in a good rocker you will be spending many many hours sitting in that chair.  Lydia is now 2 and I still spend at least an hour and a half in that chair every day! My only regret is that we didn't by a nice chair sooner.  
For the walls I'm honestly excited to try get any color on those walls besides the depressing dingy yellow white that is on them now.  Someone quick hand a gal some primer already! Now that we OWN these walls it will be fun to try some new paint techniques, like stripes as well. (I know not very daring) The plan is to go big and bold in a soft blueish green on at least one of the walls and then see how we like it before we commit the rest of the room. 
A couple weeks ago Cody and a friend ripped up the worn crusty beige carpet (ugh thank you boys) in that room to reveal solid wood floors that are in desperate need of attention which is on par for the rest of the floors on the second level.  But refinishing all the floors upstairs is NOT on the before baby list but I have long been of the opinion that ugly wood floors are far better than carpet any old day.  So I'll take them, stains, nail holes, scratches and all.  
However I probably should decide on just one of these beautiful rugs instead of the 3 I keep wavering between.  I might wait until we get the walls painted and maybe the print hung before I decide how much more color we need in the room.
Then finish off the space with soft grey curtains and some sweet crib bedding, adding a few of our own touches of cute along the way but I think that covers a lot of the big decisions. I know defiantly gives me some motivation to start painting already.
We've spent much of the first winter as homeowners making small cosmetic changes to each of the rooms spending the majority of our time and energy tackling large responsible home projects.  The baby boy's room will be the first room we take entirley room from start to finish and I think it will be a refreshing change to have a little bit of 'our' stamp on this sweet home of ours.  
What was the first room you guys tackled in your house?  How do you get started on your own home projects?  I love hearing how different the processes is for everyone.  Also be sure to click back and check out how Emerson's nursery inspiration started out and then of course soak in their big reveal.
Below are the sources for the mood board you see above.  All are just products that caught my eye no affiliate links included here.

NuLOOM yellow area rug


Safavieh area rug


Handmade wool area rug




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