Baby it’s cold outside!

by Andrea Cooley

steaming cup of teaIt's been a rough start to 2014 for the Cooley's. Adam came down with a bad cold before New Year's Eve and then Emerson woke up new year's morning with a high fever. To round it out I got a cold too. We're going on a week of not feeling well! I think we're on the mend, but it definitely makes me thankful that we don't get sick very often!

Instead of starting the year feeling organized and on top of things, I feel like I lost a week of my life to a fussy baby, sick husband, and tired, stuffy self. Isn't it crazy how being sick can do that to you? It feels like the rest of the world came to a halt and we have just hunkered down and weathered the storm.

So instead of creating great new blog content, I've been spending most of my time doing laundry (loads and loads!), drinking hot tea, taking naps and trying to get healthy! It's not all bad. Especially since it's bitterly cold outside!

Here's a roundup of what I've been enjoying on and off line.

nellie mag : shine brightlyNellie magazine launched this weekend. It's a daily magazine dedicated to shining brightly in the everyday. I've read Natalie Borton's blog for a while now and am excited to see her latest endeavor. I'm hoping to submit some stories to it, so I'll definitely share if they are posted!

I love seeing what other people are reading, so of course I had to link up to Modern Miss Darcy's best books of 2013!

family playbookOver the weekend, Adam and I were feeling good enough to go to a coffee shop and work on our Family Playbook (from Words of Williams) for 2014. We're excited to have the year mapped out! We did this last year for the first time, but we didn't really check in throughout the year. This year we're hoping to revisit our goals every month.

I got Adam the first season of Game of Thrones for Christmas and we watched it in less than a week! It's very bloody and graphic, but I'm fascinated by the story! Adam bought the second season on iTunes with gift cards, so we're starting that this week! Anyone else watch it? I've heard the books are amazing too.

I also got a stack of new books for Christmas that I'm making my way through. I'll have reviews in the next few weeks!

Hope you're staying warm and having a better start to the year than we are!

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