Baby update: We’re having a…

by Andrea Cooley


Friday we had our 20 week ultrasound and found out that we're having a boy! Honestly we didn't have any idea what we were having. People kept asking if we had an inkling of what it would be, but we realy had no idea. I think if you pressed me, I would have admitted that I was leaning toward wanting a girl, if only because I'm a first born girl, and I know what girls are like! But we are thrilled to be having a boy.

We headed home Friday to share the news with our families. We had cupcakes with Adam's mom and a baby reveal cake (with blue frosting on the inside) with my parents and Adam's dad and stepmom. It was so fun to see our parents' reactions when they cut the cake!

Everything looked good on the ultrasound. It's absolutely AMAZING what they can see. They were measuring the legs, checking the kidneys, heart, and arteries. Most of the time we had no idea what we were looking at on the screen. I have a huge respect for ultrasound tecs! Our baby is 11 ounces, or roughly the size of a banana.

Here's a peek at what will be the baby room.

We got the glider on craigslist (and are planning to recover the cushions), but obviously we have a long way to go before we're ready to bring home a baby! Even though it's already painted blue, we are planning on painting it. We just don't know what color yet!

Adam installed the ceilng fan about a month ago and hung blinds. Otherwise it's been a catchall room ever since we moved in.

Of course I had to run out to Target after we found out we were having a boy and buy him his first little outfit! It's hard to believe in less than five months he could be wearing that!

My mind is full of paint colors, fabric patterns, and baby furniture! I'll keep you posted on how the room comes together!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Congratulations!  Cute cake!

  2. Yay! I’m so excited to hear your news!

  3. Congratulations! Boys are the best! :) Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery!

  4. Congrats, Andrea!! Every child is such a miracle and will change you forever! : )

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