Big News

by laura.johnson

Emerson and Lydia have some news to share!


They are both going to have younger siblings this summer!

We are thrilled to be pregnant at the same time and looking forward to summer babies. Laura is due the end of July and Andrea is due the end of August. If all goes according to schedule, they should be about 3 weeks apart!

It turns out, it's next to impossible to get two toddlers to sit still, keep their hands out of their mouths, and smile at the same time. Good thing they're both so cute it doesn't matter!


Andrea will share a details about their pregnancy in a few weeks but I thought I'd take a moment and fill you in on our little budding life thus far. 

People who have known me the last 2 years hear our news and immediately ask if this pregnancy is going well, or if we are once again considered high risk, in short; no and yes.  So far this pregnancy has mirrored Lydia's almost exactly, trips to the ER, shots, and lots of doctor visits.  Again I've had several large and small subchorionic hematomas which put us at risk for a lot of the same complications that brought Lydia to us so early, but we are hopeful that the Lord will go before us and create a perfect plan for our little one.

No Safe but Good

However this time around I'm not on bed rest.  HOOORAY!  By 18 weeks last time I had already spent 6 of them laying on our sofa watching anything Netflix would bring me. Ugh. So I am grateful that I have been able to stay fairly active even though I still can't do much. There have been several nights Cody has had to take over dinner duty halfway through so I could lay down, but with me at home full time I have the luxury to rest when I need to and take naps when I can.  I've also tried to adjust our lives so I can scurry about the house in 10-15 min intervals then rest. My days often look like; unload the dishwasher, take a break, get Lydia dressed, take a break, pick up toys, take a break. Not ideal, but so far we have avoided the days and weeks of long bed rest that would have really put a strain on our family.

I will have another ultrasound in a few weeks to check on my existing hematomas, check umbilical cord placement, as well as do the standard full anatomy scan of our baby boy. And yes I said BOY!  That may be the only perk of a complicated pregnancy, frequent ultrasounds give away that information early! I've been dreaming of sweet blue nurseries and I think Cody is already planning trips to Hot Rod Shows. As for this girl…
She LOVES babies and I am hoping that transfers to her new little brother. Lately she has been busy dressing her baby dolls, rocking them, feeding them donuts, and of course practicing her diapering skills. (HI-larious youtube video here for those who can't get enough of this nearly 2 year old) But as much as she loves her dollies I am glad we have nine months to work on being gentle, sharing mommy, and work on not getting our way.  As it turns out we need work on all of those areas!
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  1. Congrats, congrats, congrats! You guys are lucky to be sharing this special time with one another!!

    A friend from cooking club had a baby last summer and suffered from subchorionic hematomas as well. We got to see her son, Graham, this week and we all remarked how happy and healthy he is. Laura, I hope that the pregnancy progress uneventfully for you!

    • Thank you Kara, you are right it is so nice to have a friend to share the many ‘joys’ of pregnancy! Plus it is great to know they always have snacks on hand for when the irrational hunger hits!

  2. Renee johnsonNovak February 28, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Fabulous.  So happy for all!  Many prayers and wishes for good health 

  3. YAY! So happy for you both. What fun to be pregnant with each other, too. God is so good.

  4. What a joy! And to be able to share it right alongside each other as best friends in the same city with older kids so close in age. We will continue to pray for the health of both of you moms and your babies in bellies.

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