by laura.johnson

The sun is shining and flowers are blooming. In the midst of our weekend prep I just had to share a few pictures of our ‘yard’ with you guys today.


Look at the curly at the end of the tulips! Crazy right? Just another reason you gotta be amazed and the beauty of the Lord.


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  1. I love these tulips! I have them in my garden and they are my favorites! : )

  2. What kind of grass is that and how do you maintain it? 

    • It is cheapo grass seed from your genaric general store. I think I picked this up in the target $1 spot.  As far as maintance, it’s super easy! Give it lots of sunshine, water it when it’s dry, and when the blades are looking shaggy I give them a quick snip with my scissors.  Hope you can enjoy a patch of green too!

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