Bored Yet?

by laura.johnson

Most of you with ample vacation time are spending an elongated holiday with family and friends. But after the presents are opened and the cheese ball has been consumed you may find yourself wondering, ‘ummm what’s next?’

If it was up to our family, we’d spend all of the time sitting around the table catching up on community happenings and reminiscing on old family stories. However, with the induction of my brother-in-law and now my dear husband we’ve officially become a game family.

Here is a collection of some of our favorites:

Card/Dice games

Board games:

What are the ways your family enjoy their time together? Have you adopted new procedures as the family keeps adding members?

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  1. Ha, my family tried to play Settlers of Catan last Christmas, and it was a big disaster! I could not for the life of me remember the rules, and the directions didn’t help. I kept saying, “It seemed so easy when my friend Alex showed me…”

  2. We play cribbage or Monopoly. But right now, I love playing “Auntie” to my adorable niece!

  3. OOOH. We got new game for Christmas. The girls are loving Dweebies, a card game. And I am big fan of multi-player Pentago. And we just got Clue, a an old favorite. Plus, while Qwirkle is a good game, I don’t recommend playing with Laura, she almost always wins (Kasy had 7 Qwirkles in one game though…she was beaming).

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