Book page wreath

Book page wreath

by Andrea Cooley

Book page wreathI promised you a post on how I made my book page wreath weeks ago and am finally getting around to sharing it. Similar to Laura’s post about changing priorities, life has been busy in the Cooley house, which has meant more time spent living life, enjoying the spring blooms, and less time blogging.

The inspiration for my wreath came from Pinterest (where else, right?) About a year ago and friend and I found stacks of old Reader’s Digest books for sale at a library and each bought an armload. You can never have too many books, right? The pile had been sitting in a bag in our spare bedroom (aka junk room), just waiting to become a project.

First I needed a back for the wreath. So I snagged an empty box from work and made sure Adam didn’t put it in the recycling bin.

I flattened the box, traced a circle around a pot, and cut it out.

Then, I traced a circle around the bottom of a smaller pot for the inside of the wreath. And cut it out.

Tada! A free wreath form. If I was smart I would have made multiples, but I was too excited to start making the wreath. By now I’m sure the box is being recycled somewhere in Des Moines.

Book page wreathThe next step was ripping pages out of a book. Once you have a nice stack, fold a page in thirds

Book page wreaththen fold in half

Book page wreathand hot glue to the cardboard. I recommend doing this while watching trashy television. It makes it much more enjoyable. Work your way around the circle until it’s full. I love how it’s kind of random and imperfect.

Have you made any wreaths lately? My sister was visiting for Easter and commented on how many wreaths I have around the house. There’s the burlap wreath that I moved to the back door, the yarn wreath, and the book page wreath. And that’s not counting the 2 or 3 other seasonal wreaths waiting in the wings. What can I say? I like a good wreath!

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