Johnson Family Christmas Tree

by laura.johnson

I must admit, I’m a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree type of girl. When I was young my family would tread through acres of Christmas tree farms looking for the just the right tree. My sister would look for the perfect cylinder shape, my brother would look for the tallest, fattest trees, and as for myself,  I would always choose all the that were deemed unloveable. Crooked,  short, splotchy trees always made my heart melt, even in the dead of winter.  *sigh*

As for my husband, Cody comes from a family that always skipped the over the tree aspect of the holiday. So once we were married I felt like we could start our own holiday tree tradition.  Trying to think out of the box of traditions trees last year we snipped a few branches of a berry tree we had out front of work.  (yes I did ask first)  It was sweet and simple, much like our first Christmas together.

It would be too easy to do the same thing twice. This year I’ve gone a touch more mod. (surprise surprise) One morning I rolled 3 simple ‘trees’ out of wrapping paper (thank you Target), topped the tallest of the 3 with our gold star from last year, and voila our Christmas tree!

I’m sure our holiday traditions will continue developed like our marriage, ever changing but always exciting.

Hope you enjoy. lj

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