Capturing a Love Story

by laura.johnson

Everyone has their own love story, sure it may not be scaling walls or battling rodents of unusual size but all the same they are special to us.

Cody and I started dating while we lived 2,290 miles apart. I was living in Los Angeles, California, and he was living in Saginaw, Michigan.  We spent endless hours on the phone talking about what we believed in, what life could be like, and very occasionally making each other giddy with the excitement of new love.  Thank heaven for ‘in network’ calls from Verizon!

We lasted 6 months before we were ready to try dating in the same city.  So 3 years ago this week, I packed what I could, sold off the rest, and drove half way across the country with this boy I thought I just might be in love with, but more about that later.

We’ve had this empty frame sitting around for months, begging for attention.  At first she was intended to be a gift to a friend, but the holidays came and went yet she still sits unwrapped, ungifted.  Whoops.  I allowed myself to buy into the lie that I would one day send off this well meaning gift.   But after too many months of staring at the perfectly useful frame I decided to put it to good use capturing a part of our love story.

I grabbed the California and Michigan maps from an old road atlas. (remember life pre-gps?) From the frame’s backing I was able to create a template for cutting the map down to size allowing me to try a few different options at first. (yes this is a map of IA, I can’t help but give a tiny shout out to my home state)

Once they were all cut out, place them in the frames, and voila two worlds combined, now if only it really was that easy!

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  1. Awww! Love it!
    I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. My white asiatic lilies are blooming that we used in your wedding and I went to a reception on Saturday at Jester Park. Lovely, but no comparison to your special day!! Happy early anniversary, Sister!

  2. So cool, Laura!! Thor would totally dig something like that…perhaps I could do the same for Michigan and North Carolina when we dating long distance. And put them in the really big black frames we have sitting in our bedroom waiting to be used.

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