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We saved the best for last, because, there are something that just seem too good to be true. This isn't one of them.

The magical concoction of 1 part dish soap & 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, may not bring world peace but it will get almost any stain (including baby poo) out of your clothes! Which in turn brings a world of peace to this household.

You can forget about treating the stain for days, it still gets it out!

You can treat a stain that has already been through the dryer, it gets it out!

You can treat a stain that has set for months, years and yes, it gets it out!

I first heard about this wonder cleaner on Pinterest, I rolled my eyes thinking it can't be that good and kept scrolling.  Few months later I had a baby who was ruining her clothes like it was going out of style.  I would scrub, pretreat, pray, but I lost far too many of those battles. Feeling sleep deprived, and fed up I turned to my older sister that had just been through life with an infant to see if she had any sage advice, she said, 'Pinterest'.

Immediately my world became brighter. Litterly all of those clothes I thought were done and soiled, I soaked them in the stain remover and watched as those stubborn stains (and my pent up frustration) vanish.

Have you ever has something so simple change your world like this? Today is our last day our 31 day series and we hope you've been able to pick up a few ideas to help make your home and life a little simpler.  If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here. Do you have any good tips or tricks we've forgot to cover this month? Any secret stain fighting miracles or decorating tricks that you've been holding out on us?  We'd love to hear them, who knows maybe this could become a regular feature here at EAB!

$5 Plush Rug

I confessed my first rug secret last week but in the mean time I’ve been working on another project for my toes.


easy, inexpensive, plush rug trick

Isn’t she a beauty?  My toes are in heaven and all for under $5!

I’ll give you the full scoop, but first lets start with my Pinterest muse:

The ladies at East Coast Creative really knocked it out of the park with that sweet little floor cloth. And check out her big sister!

Sa-woon, again so beautiful, so fun, and my favorite part so obtainable! I commonly fall in love with a pretty graphic rug only to be slapped back to reality once I glance at the price tag.  Not so with this trick, $5-15 buys you a whole lotta style and comfort.

Here are the oh-so-simple steps:


Find fabric you adore, that shouldn’t be hard!  I found this print in the JoAnn’s seasonal close out, it was originally $8.50 a yard I picked it up for a mere $2.50 a yard. Since it was a steal I took the full yard and a half they had left.

Then I used the rest of my carpet padding, using a rotery cutter to square off the unruly edges.

Then grabbed the spay adhesive and headed out doors for the rest of the project.

A couple tricks in using a spray adhesive on this large of a surface.
First you want to make sure you are standing upwind of your spray action.

Also I found that it was best to lay the fabric down the way I wanted it then fold it over on it self so I’m only trying to work with half of the fabric at a time.

To make sure to get a good stick I applied the adhesive to both the padding at the back of the cloth. Then pulled and smoothed the fabric over the pad wrapping the edges under.

That’s it, simple as can be! Now which room have you been dying to get a plush rug for? And can you believe that after 30 Days of Tips and Trick I’ve saved the best for last? What we have in store for tomorrow is somthing just short of a laundry miracle!

If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.



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