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coffee shopThere is a little voice in my head that says if I could just get on top of things, then everything would be OK.

I have learned that the root of this is that I desperately want to feel like I am in control.

The problem is, I know, I will never have everything under control.

Sure, I may finish folding all 6 loads of laundry and even get it all put away, but as soon as the kids go to bed, the dirty laundry will start piling up again.

I might have a detailed grocery list and have all our meals planned for a week, but as soon as the last bite is taken and the final dish put in the dishwasher, there will be yet another meal to prepare.

I might get the floors vacuumed and the sinks sparkling, but they don’t stay that way for long.

I meet one more deadline, finish one more project, complete one more task, but the to-do list still grows.

None of this is new, so why is it so hard to be content with the mess, the chaos, the disorder of every day life?

How can I learn to live in and embrace the undone?

Unfortunately I don’t have an easy answer. I wish I could give you a quote, make a pretty sign for you to hang and call it good, but I think we all know it’s not that easy.

Only when I learn to surrender my desire for control do I have a chance of breathing easy, enjoying the moment, finding true contentment.

Slowly, I’m learning that being in control, or “on top of things” won’t bring true happiness. Because even in that fleeting moment when I feel like I have things figured out, I know it won’t last. Soon one of the boys will be crying, a bag of cereal will get spilled on the floor, and the water for the macaroni will boil over on the stove.

But what I am learning is that it’s OK.

I don’t need to be in control because God is already in control and He is much bigger and much greater than l am. I just have to surrender to His will and let him take the reigns.

I started writing this post a few months ago, when it was the depths of winter, the boys had constant colds, and I felt like it was all I could do to survive my first trimester. Now that it’s spring, and I’m past the halfway mark of pregnancy, life seems a little easier! It’s good to reflect on where my heart and mind were just a few short months ago and to realize it was only a season.

Soon I will be feeding a baby at all hours while chasing two busy boys all day. I know there will be days when I am overwhelmed, exhausted, and feeling very out of control. Even now I take comfort in knowing I don’t need to be in control.


The Artistry of God

by Andrea Cooley

acornsThe story goes that when my parents were dating in college, my dad would collect acorns and give them to my mom. It may sound like a poor college sweetheart’s excuse for a gift, but my mom valued them more than expensive trinkets or fancy clothes. She loved their quirky little hats perched on their heads and their pointy little bottoms.

To this day it isn’t unusual to find a collection of leaves, stones, nuts, or shells gathered on my mom’s desk. She regularly sends me pictures of butterflies on flowers or birds at her feeder and I send her images of tomatoes from the garden and flowers that I’ve grown. My mom instilled in me a love of nature. And with that, an appreciation and love for God, the ultimate Creator.

I love fall. As nature prepares for winter, it sheds the glory of summer, showing off its best colors, scents, and sounds, before buttoning up for winter.

I can’t help but think what an awesome God we have to bless us with the beauty of this season.

Yes, I know winter is coming, and with it comes days that are shorter and darker and colder and grayer. But before that, we get to bask in the glory of his beautiful creation. The days are cool, but the sun is still warm. The blue sky seems crisper, and the leaves! Every year they amaze me. They are so vibrant and abundant (especially if you have to rake them!)

I wonder if maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of fall as much if we didn’t know that winter were coming. Maybe God knew we needed a few glorious weeks of sunshine and playing in the leaves and going on picnics to sustain us through the winter.

red leafGod is the best artist. He delights in spoiling us with his beauty. We just have to make the time to see it.

Take a minute to look around you. Go outside if you can.

Notice the trees, slowly changing color, filling the sky with a glow unlike anything man could produce on a canvas.

Bite into an apple, freshly picked from the tree, the skin warm from the sun, and let the sticky, sweet juice drip down your chin.

Stop and let the leaves flutter around your head, landing in your hair and sticking to your shoes.

Listen to the crunch of dry leaves and throw them in the air like confetti.

Gather with friends around a fire pit, holding your hands near the flames for warmth and watch the stars fill the sky like pinpricks to heaven.

I hope you find time to slow down and soak up this season before it’s over.

I’m so thankful that my mom taught me to notice the little things. We serve a God who delights in the details. He notices the little things like children and mustard seeds and grains of sands and sparrows. No matter how seemingly small or insignificant, he notices. He cares.

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