Celebrate Pancake Day!

by laura.johnson

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After yesterday who here is in favor of winter having way more holidays? Not necessarily big ones that require months of planning and over the top decorations, but those good old fashioned holidays that serve as the perfect excuse to gather friends and family and enjoy one another’s company.

After studying abroad in England for a semester a friend brought back the lovely tradition of Pancake Day, which in my opinion seems like a wonderful reason to have a good mid week party.  Over the years we’ve experimented with recipes, shapes, and toppings of all kinds some of which were too good to keep to ourselves so I just had to share them here with you.

Shapes: I grew up with my mom making Mickey Mouse Pancakes, pretty simple yes but oh so thrilling for my 6 year old appetite.  For some reason (probably because it’s awesome) I never out grew the thrill, I still enjoy celebrating with pancakes in the shape of letters, numbers, heck even a throw in a firework or two.  Usually I opt for freehand however the thought of making perfectly formed Star Wars themed pancakes for Cody intrigues me enough to consider these super fun pancake molds. And for those who lack the flipping flare, come up with things that are already round, like snowballs, the sun, or even Mars. After all half of the fun is coming up with the idea and giggling at your creation.

Pigs in a Blanket: Or for those who did not grow up in the midwest, sasage links rolled up in your pancake.  Yep yummm, seriously yummm. In my opinion this is one of the best version of sweet and savory.  I just love how the fluffy pancake and syrup so starkly contrast the smoky sausage links.

Haitian Pancakes: For the record I have no idea whether this idea originated in Hati or if the exotic name just gives the right amount of allure to make you dare to try it. Even though the name is extra intriguing the recipe is as simple as swapping the milk/water for orange juice and toping with a dash of nutmeg.

Crepes: Yes, I’ve already confessed my weakness for a good crepe here and even though it adds a French feel to the evening, I believe this English holiday can handel it.  Plus there are so many wonderful crepe combinations not to dabble just a little.  For some excellent ideas and recipes for fillings check out The World of Crepes. (warning this website might leave your mouth a watering!)

How are you celebrating Pancake Day? Any other ideas for mid winter holidays we could turn into festive get togethers?

pst- For you curious and academic sorts Wikipedia has a wonderful article about the history and origin of Pancake/Shrove Day.

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  1. It’s not mid-winter, but I’m totally excited to throw a party for National Toasted Marshmallow Day on August 30th. You and Andrea are welcome to come celebrate with us :)

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