Celebrating Birthdays

by Andrea Cooley


Adam likes to say that birthdays are a festival. That means we celebrate birthdays for a whole week at our house. Last week was Adam's birthday week, so Emerson and I did little things all week to make it special for Adam.

One morning I got up with Emerson and when we went upstairs to wake Adam up we gave him the book Thank You, God, For Daddy. Laura had recommended it and it's a great book to read with little kids! It's full of sweet reminders of all the things dads do. I'm pretty sure there's a mom version too (hint, hint).

Throughout the week I gave Adam little gifts, like a t-shirt, a special bottle of root beer, and a spicy trail mix he loves. Friday night we got to go out to dinner with friends and Sunday, his actual birthday, we had Thelma's ice cream sandwiches (If you live in Des Moines and haven't had these, you're missing out!). I also made a breakfast casserole and got donuts over the weekend. Are you noticing a pattern? Most of the gifts were food related. What can I say? My hubby likes to eat and I like to serve him with food. Not a bad combination!

I love giving gifts. Part of it is that I like to shop and when I shop for other people I don't feel guilty about buying things for myself. I don't think receiving gifts is one of my love languages, but maybe giving gifts is my own version of it. I love thinking of little things to give that have special significance. Like the root beer I gave Adam. He loves root beer, but we don't usually buy soda, so even though it was only $1 it was something special.

I'm not sure what birthday festivals will look like for Emerson when he gets older. Maybe he'll get to pick what we have for dinner, or enjoy special privileges during the week, like watching a movie on a school night or playing video games for an extra half hour. We'll see!

What are your birthday traditions?

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