Christmas Mantel

by Andrea Cooley

I love decorating for Christmas! This is our second year in our house, so it’s our second year getting a real Christmas tree and decking out the house with wreaths, stockings, and sparkling ornaments. And this year I have a few fun projects to share with you!

These pictures are a little grainy, because I took them with Instagram, but I love using their fun filters! And there’s something about square photos that is nostalgic, don’t you think?

Adam cut a few of the lower branches off the tree and I quickly put them on the mantel, along with a random holly branch I had. I wasn’t sure how long they would last, but it’s been over a week and they still look great!

Doesn’t this rolled book look like ribbon candy? (I’ll share how to make it, I promise! It’s super easy!) I especially love how the gold foil on the edge of the pages shimmers a little in the right light.

I think one of my favorite things about the mantel is that it’s so “me”. I have a hard time defining my style, but I think this captures it: a mix of old and new, rustic and hand crafted.

Here’s another book page Christmas tree. We saved the ring that was cut from our Christmas tree and used it as a stand. I’ve seen lots of ideas for saving the trunk rings on Pinterest and making ornaments or coasters from every year. Maybe this will be a new tradition!

I’ve been wanting to hang something over the mantel to hide the ugly outlet for a long time. This shim wreath is super easy and cheap. The shims were $3.50 and the stain was $7. It doesn’t completely cover the outlet, but it’s better than nothing!

We got the JOY stocking holders from Pottery Barn the first year were married. I just realized the stockings weren’t hung when I took these pictures. We took them down when we had a fire in the fireplace. Oops!

Here’s a quick peek at our tree. I love having it in front of the big window. We rearranged the furniture, so the sofa is across from the tree and the TV to the left of the tree. I always forget how much space a 6′ tree takes up, but it makes the room nice and cozy! I’ll share more pictures and how-to for the wreath and book projects soon.

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