Black is Beautiful

by laura.johnson

{imags from Elle Decor}

Whenever the subject of color choice comes up my husband is Mr. Consistent. He always answers black.

What color water bottle: Black

What color shower curtain: Black

What color to paint our living room: Black

How do you like our coffee: Black (well with cream and honey but start it out black)

When we were talking about paint colors in our apartment, he launched a full offensive to paint the ceiling black.  I have to say I denied.  Of course he’s long been on the campaign for black walls, black picture frames, you name it he thinks it should be black! Recently he’s let up on his quest for the darker side of life and started to embrace the colors I lean toward, like soft greys and greens, maybe even a blue here and there.  Which I must admit is a little too bad just as I am warming up to this black idea!

Famous for their round ‘em up skills, our friends over at Apartment Therapy have featured a few homes that have gone black:

{image from Rue}

House of Earnest put together a few great mood board to help prompt a jump into the dark:

Sheri Martin Interiors  jumped into the deep with these stunning images:

So what do you think? Would you paint your walls (or ceiling) black?


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  1. There was a recent episode of ‘Home by Novogratz’ on HGTV where they just painted a master bedroom ceiling with chalkboard paint! I initially thought it was a crazy idea, but it turned out awesome!

  2. I just finished painting our office grey, it’s not changing for quite awhile! When you go darker on the wall color, does it make a room look smaller? I think my house is too small to dare on the darker side…

  3. I would never paint my walls black…black means white furniture I think. At least it does in the photos you shared and my family, well, it is just too messy for white furniture.

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