The banana peel debate

by Andrea Cooley

What do you do with your banana peels? Usually ours end up in the garbage, which I don’t see a problem with. Until one day, Adam said we should be put them in our yard waste container (it’s an extra garbage can from the city that we put leaves in).

My first response was no. It’s a great idea in theory, but we already have a trash can and recycling bag in the kitchen, I didn’t want to add a compost area and knowing my husband, he has great intentions, but at the end of the day I could see me being the one who is left taking care of the compost.

For now, I’ll let him put things in the compost bin if he wants, but I’ll keep putting my banana peels, egg shells, and the like in the garbage. A girl can’t do everything!

Do you compost? Maybe the better question is, do the peels and leftovers make your kitchen stink?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. We had a compost bucket in our kitchen for a while. I just rode it out, until Beau realized that we weren’t going to really follow though with it. With a cover it wasn’t that stinky, on the up side. I think he might try and make it happen again some day, that and his idea of a urban chicken farm. We’ll see. : )

  2. I’ve always wanted to compost and now that we have a backyard it seems more doable than during our apartment living days, but I’m not sure if Thor is up for it. Perhaps Beau and Teagan and Thor and I need to figure out something we can do together to make it happen.

  3. If you are planning on planting anything in a garden this spring, save up your egg shells and mix them in with your soil. Really good nutrients for your plants!

  4. We have a pretty white compost container (with lid) sitting on our kitchen counter. With 3 kids, we discard enough egg shells, banana peels, apple cores, and coffee grounds to fill the container every day or two. When it’s full, I simply take it to my larger compost pile by the garden. Probably once a week I run my kitchen container through the dishwasher to disinfect it and it keeps it from creating any odor.

    Things to keep in mind: not everything should be composted. No dairy. No meat. And in general, nothing that’s been cooked.

    I’ve been composting for about 2 years. It’s simple and easy and my garden loves it!

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