Futon Delight

by laura.johnson

I love my husband and with that love comes a futon.

We all have images that horrid black metal futon from our college years twisted, broken frames with lumpy mattresses.  As most people moved out of the dorms they tossed their pile of black tubular furniture by the dumpster, but oh no, not my husband and not this futon.

Cody built his futon in his dad’s wood working shop one summer between semesters, it’s made from solid oak and walnut, the back brace alone is over 2 inches thick, there is no twisting bending or breaking to this sturdy guy. From dorm to dorm it went without a scratch, and in those formative years after college, this futon has traveled with him through 6 different apartments in two states, several job interviews, broken hearts healing, a new love found, and finally a sweet proposal to spend the rest of our years together.

Love in a marriage can be measured in numerous ways. While I’m sure living room furniture is not one of the 5 love languages, it is a way that I can accept where my husband has been, and what is important to him. So when people ask what type of furniture I have I simply tell them that I really love my husband and I have the best looking futon in town.

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  1. Just like a diamond, a homemade piece of furniture is “forever.” How much does the futon weigh…

    • Too much, I’m a pretty strong for a girl and I still need help moving it around the house. However, this keeps me from constantly rearranging the furniture, which is good thing for my marriage.

  2. It is a very nice looking futon and I am not a futon fan. It actually looks mission style. You really can’t get rid of a piece of furniture that you built with your dad. That’s pretty unique.

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