Creating a Comfortable Home

by Andrea Cooley

DSC_0577Adam and I have always wanted our home to be a place that was comfortable and inviting for others. We love having people over for meals, games, and just hanging out.

The first step to creating a comfortable, welcoming home is letting people see how we really live: dirty dishes, unmade beds, and all. It also means, that our furniture, dishes, and accessories are meant to be used. Yes, we take care of our things, but we would never have a sofa in the living room that we wouldn't let someone sit on or a rug that you couldn't walk on. That's the point, right? If something spills we'll clean it up, but it's not the end of the world.

Laura and Cody and Lydia visited us over Christmas, and Lydia stayed in Emerson's room. Poor girl was just starting to eat baby food and decided she didn't like sweet potatoes. If you look closely at the cream part of the rug above, you might see a spit up stain. Laura was so worried and appologetic that Lydia had stained the rug! I could care less. We sprayed it with rug cleaner and you can hardly see it. I reassured her that if Lydia didn't stain it, Emerson surely would in the future! When babies are involved, you learn quickly that nothing is too precious.

I've joked with Adam that we'll have to get a new couch once Emerson is a little older. There are only so many times you can flip the cushions before the spit up spots start to show! I'm also thankful the couch is brown–it hides stains better! So if you're ever at our house and see a stain on the couch, you've been warned!

As much as I love looking at furniture catalogs and dreaming about one day having a velvet sofa from Mitchell Gold, for now we're going for the "lived-in" look.

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Andrea Cooley

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