Curious Yet?

by laura.johnson

Last week I teased you with 5 different sofas all with similar styling, but with very different price tags.  In fact one of those sofas you could purchase 8 times over before you run up the total on its twin sister!  I had fun asking my co-worked to spot the difference between the sofa’s, and even they were stumped by a few!

Are you ready for the results?

Surprised? Did anyone guess spot on?  I was shocked how close the Langston and Entice Mist were in style yet so far apart in price!  Now a picture might be worth a thousand words, yet we’d be foolish to think it tells the full story.  There are some major differences in the quality of the framing, fabric durability and construction over all, but we’ll save some of those details for another day.

Anyone else feel like sofa shopping now?

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  1. That pottery barn one is really ugly.

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