Cut an Edge

by Andrea Cooley

There's something incredibly satisfying about getting dirty and sweaty in your yard with your hubby. Can I get an amen? 

Check out those tomatoes! I'm kicking myself for not spacing them out more. Oh well. Live and learn. It looks like we're gonna have a bumper crop!

When Adam gets a vision for something he talks about it for weeks on end, slowly refining it, and telling me every detail of his plan. And then he starts working and there's no stopping him. Not even 90 degree temps. 

We wanted to create more definition between the yard and the garden, so we got some pavers and started cutting! Adam did the grunt work while I weeded the garden (it's amazing how quickly weeds pop up! Next year I'm going to get smart and line the dirt with newspaper).

After he cut a ditch, he filled it in with paver base. It's a fine sand-like material that's supposed to kind of harden around the paver. Then he covered that with more dirt and we'll plant grass seed.

Doesn't it look great? He does good work!

The next step for the yard is to continue the pavers along the fence. It was Adam's idea to create the curved edge. I love it!

The plan is to plant perennials along here. I'm thinking cone flowers, daisies, and maybe some grasses, but I'm open to suggestions!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Zinnias are really pretty and also really good for cutting if you want fresh flowers in the house.  Bachelor buttons do well in sun and are pretty soft colors.  If you want to edge them with something a little lower to the ground, vinca or alysum are good edge fillers.

  2. I love how they interlock like that and agree the curve adds charm! Looks like the urban farm is thriving!

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