Danger Zone

by laura.johnson

As it turns out, I’m kinda a dangerous friend to have.  All you have so do is hint at wanted a change up in your house, and I’ll start dreaming of tearing our walls and transplanting trees.  I develop a little ‘the sky is the limit when it’s not my checkbook’ syndrome.

The other night my good friend Joylynn (far left) mentioned that recent rains had flooded their 3 seasons room. Their allergen ridden astro-turf had been half submerged in water and had to go. (ahh shucks)  While it was a room they always wanted to do something with mother nature just pumped this project to the top of their to do list. We casually discussed options, and before you know it, my excitement for decorating and remodeling took over and I was peeling up the carpet and scaring away the critters that lived there. ack!

This is the scene her unsuspecting husband came home to…. the turf is gone but the work has just  begun.  Sorry for the mess Thor.

On a more pleasant note, here is what we came up with:

Seriously heavenly right? A safe, mess-proof room from their son Pascal to enjoy during the day, while still being a sweet, romantic get away for them to enjoy on dusky summer evenings.  Tune in tomorrow, and I’ll give you the full run down of their new look.


Photos above taken by team Rasmussen 1 by Thor & 2,3 by Joylynn

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  1. Ok Laura, Seriously, you need to come to my house and help my basement. PLEASE! :)

  2. I think this may be fair play for Thor. I remember the time he started to rip down my mirror tiles! That was a way bigger mess than pulling up astroturf! (Don’t worry Thor, I don’t hold it against you)

  3. I didn’t mind having the astro turf gone from the three seasons porch. It made a good addition to my basement man cave. Oh and nice picture …

  4. That nasty old astro turf thankfully did NOT end up in Thor’s man cave but got picked up by the kind garbage men. Good riddance!

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