Danish Modern Sofa Straps

Danish Modern Delight- part I

by laura.johnson

Danish Modern Sofa

To most people that sounds like a dessert, but to me it sounds like the world’s best $75-ish sofa.  After our controversial beginnings with this fine piece of  furniture I was hesitant to invest (who are we kidding) spend more money on a sofa that I wasn’t convinced we should own.  Don’t get me wrong, after the initial shock of the purchase, Cody was totally on board, loved the new furniture and even now is stretched out on this now much more comfortable sofa playing on his latest tech device.

Danish Modern Sofa, Fagas straps

If you remember, this is how we purchased the sofa. The frame and cushions were in near flawless condition, but there was a masonite board where the  rubber straps should have been. It felt a little like sitting on a masonite board.  Finally, after months of convincing, Cody talked me into biting the bullet and purchasing new a straps.  And because our sofa is extra fancy it requires genuine Fagas Straps with a 45 degree clip attached to the rubber strap that forms the webbing for this oh so stylish sofa.

Danish Modern Sofa, Fagas straps

Evans Furniture Company, a small  specialty upholstery shop in San Diego is the last shop in the world that still sells these straps.  Funny, you wouldn’t know it from their reasonable prices and sweet demeanor that they totally dominate the world of 60-year-old wooden sofas.

Their website was helpful and gave me all the information I needed to feel confident moving forward all on my own.  Measure, stretch, and sit, easy breezy!  My measurement read right between 16 3/4 and 17.  Crap right in between a 1/4″ gap,  I knew I would have to stretch the rubber straps across the frame, so I decided to error on the bit larger size to make sure I would be able to cross the gap easily.  So I put strap #405 in my virtual basket. Knowing the entire sofa would require more than one strap, I added 3 straps for each seat, just like the chair.  After filling out my billing information and clicking purchase, send and please give them to me now, Evans sent out a confirmation that I would be receiving my straps in 7-15 business days. whop whop.

I must say I do love it when businesses promise a low expectation of service and then way out do themselves!  Not only did I receive the package within the week, it came 2 days later!  You can bet that jumping, skipping, and whooping commenced, my coworkers were a little less excited about the grand sofa strap arrival!  Check out the sweet note they enclosed.  Falling in love with them.

Speaking of falling that is exactly what I did once I had all 9 straps in place, fall right through to the floor. Apparently I need to take measuring 101 because these straps were WAY too big!  Checking any sort of pride I had left, I called my new Danish Modern friends for some advice.

First the measuring, the groove itself was about 1/4″, so I was a little confused where to begin and end my measurements, but they gave me the skinny.

  • The measurements should be from the deep set groove to the next
  • When in doubt round down.
  • The straps are meant to stretch several inches to fit snugly in the 45-degree grooves.
  • The straps should be placed no more that 1″ apart from each other.

I can see where I went wrong in a few different places here.  Whoops.

Now squared away on the right path, I got the saggy baggy straps sent back, and the new straps on their way.  Soon enough the cushions were on the floor once again, and I was tugging and pulling the straps into place, using my 1″ apart rule.

Danish Modern Sofa, Fagas straps



Danish Modern Sofa, Fagas straps

Danish Modern Sofa, Fagas straps

I wish I could tell you that was the end of the story, but no. This weekend we found ourselves tearing off the cushions and breaking out the tools, but I’ll save the rest of the story for tomorrow.


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