Date Night: Drive-In

by laura.johnson

There is something romantic about drive-in movie theaters, and while there are plenty of updated hi-tech ways to recreate this old-time joy, however, there is nothing romantic about technical difficulties.

When Cody and I first started dating in the same state (more on that later) one of my favorite weekend dates was to create our own drive-in movie theater.  We’d grab his laptop and some take-out and drive as far way from the city lights as we could.  When we had found a good spot we’d hop in the far backseat of his minivan (yep more on that later too) and catch up on the tv we had missed that week, The Office, Monk, Grey’s you name it.  One night Cody was so sweet to even  preloaded a bunch of Bob Ross painting videos on YouTube, we watched several happy little trees that night.

So grab your sweetheart and a fully charged laptop to enjoy a night away from city lights, with only each other and Hulu to keep you warm.

Have a good weekend. -lj

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