Day 12 Tips and Tricks: Borrowing Baby Clothes

by laura.johnson

Like a true girl Lydia loves clothes, well at least she loves to spit up all over her clothes, and well sometimes mine too.  On particularly hard days, we measure our trials in the number of outfits we both wear, 'it was a 4 outfit kind of day'.

We have been blessed with an abundance of hand-me-downs. It is absolutely wonderful, I recommend that all babies have an extremely generous cousin who is exactly 12 months older than them!

To make life even sweeter, our friends have come to our rescue and loaned us clothes to help fill in the gaps between clothing seasons or with sizes we might need more of. At first I was very nervous about borrowing from friends. Worried  that we might stain something or loose the bloomers that go with a dress. But after finding a killer stain remover (that tip is coming later in the month) and an easy way to catalog our loaner clothes I could relax and enjoy the blessing our friends have given us.

Here is the system that works best for us:

First, I try to only take what we really need, and leave the rest with my friend, or in store it away to bee kept safe from getting mixed in with our other clothes.

Then I lay out the clothes on the floor and snap a picture of what we have on loan. To make life even easier I group the clothes in the order I have them put away in Lydia's cloest.




I upload the photos and place in them in a folder on my desktop with my friend's name and date we borrowed them.

Then just to be safe I go through and label the tags of all the outfits as a back up.

The process start to finish doesn't take long. Before I had a baby I would have said you could get it all done within a single nap time. But recently Lydia has taken to liking 15 second naps. As soon as I lay her in bed her eye creak open and she begins to wail, and of course being a softy, I pick her back up again.  And this is why our week of baby tips and tricks did not include anything about nap routines, because we're still a little clueless in that department!

Do you guys share or loan clothes to friends?  What has worked for you in the past?  Do you have any baby tips to share with us?  Any magical nap routines that work wonders on very snuggly little babes? We will take any tips and tricks you've got! We know we both have a lot of learning to do on this subject!

If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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  1. What a good Idea, wish I knew about this a few years ago

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