Day 18 Tips and Tricks: Cleaning Ceiling Fan Dust Bunnies

by laura.johnson

After months of beautiful summer breezes, let's face it, most of our ceiling fans look like this:

Grimy Grimy Grimy!

Andrea mentioned a great pillow case dusting trick awhile back and it was way past time for us to give it a whirl.

You simply slide the fan blade into the pillow case, and then slide it right back off. Voila all of the dust bunnies fall into your pillow case and not in your face (or what ever else lay below). 

It's a pretty great trick for getting all of those nasty edge dust bunnies that have been haunting your for months. But I did find myself going back and dusting off the top of the blade, for a good thorough clean and to help prevent those mid winter sneeze attacks when the fan kicks on.Look how pretty those blades are now!

Also did you know you can winterize your ceiling fans? Our apartment is notoriously warm but for those chillier houses, you can set your blades to rotate in the opposite direction to help circulate the air, without giving you a chill on your skin. Check out the Delmar Fan site for more information about changing over your fans for the cooler months.


If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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