Day 19 Tips and Tricks: In the Garden

by Andrea Cooley

I realize gardening season is over, but we couldn't have a whole month of tips without talking about gardens! Here are tips for growing veggies and herbs–you don't have to have a big yard to do it! Laura has had a successful windowsill garden in their apartment.

The best part about her garden is that she gets to enjoy it year round! I really need to bring some herbs inside to grow. Fresh basil and rosemary make everything taste better. Does anyone else do this?

My trick for growing herbs is to keep them in pots close to the backdoor in the summer, so I can just snip them to add to easily.

I also keep cherry tomatoes in bigger pots on the patio. I started doing this when we lived in the condo and didn't have a yard and just kept doing it. It makes them really easy to munch on!

We had way more tomatoes than we knew what to do with this summer, which was great! The last of the green tomatoes that we picked before taking out the plants are turning red. It's sad that it will be 8 months before we have homegrown tomatoes!

Variations of this idea for a gutter garden have made the rounds on Pinterest. I'd love to try it on our fence. Has anyone done it? I haven't had much luck with lettuce because the bunnies get to it first, but this would solve that problem!

If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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Andrea Cooley

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