Day 2 Tips and Tricks: Hang Pictures Perfectly

by laura.johnson

We're keeping with the "hanging" theme and talking pictures today. I shared this gem of a trick awhile back and it hardly seems like we could do an entire month of tips and tricks and keep this guy burried in the achives. So without further ado my best trick for hanging pictures perfectly the first time!

While we’re talking about hanging photos, I thought I should share my little trick to hanging photos just right. It’s so simple you are going to wish you had thought of it years before! Most of the hardware on the back of your frames is metal. If you’re hanging a frame with a picture bracket on the back, you’re all set, however, if like me, you are using a triangle bracket, make sure the tip of the bracket is facing up before positioning it on the wall.

Place the frame where you want it, doing the ‘little to the left, little to the right’ dance.

Once you have the frame where you want it, push the hardware up against the wall, and wiggle the frame back and forth.  The metal from the hardware will make a small mark on your wall, taking the guess work out of how far down to place the nail.

From there, simply drive in your nail, and hang your perfectly placed frame!

Curiuos about the maps in the frames? Read the full story!

I just found a new way to hang pictures on Pinterest. Check it out!
Jamielyn at I {heart} naptime is a genius! I tried it this weekend and it worked like a dream!
If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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  1. I use the tape trick all the time. Love it!

  2. Just popping over from the Nester 1's days — I love the tips on hanging pics. This is always a project I don't do well but I'll give it an attempy with your tutorial 😉 Good luck with the baby countdown. What an exciting time for you!!
    Feel free to check out my 30 days ..

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